Katharine first became interested in jewellery design and metalworking while studying on an Art & Design course at York College. Upon completion she attended a course in Silver Jewellery making for two years, taught by jeweller/enameller Rachel Gogerly, meanwhile becoming Rachel's workshop assistant where she gained extra hands-on practical experience.

In 2000 she was offered a position at The Robert Feather Gallery in York, where she was fortunate enough to be both gallery and workshop assistant. She learnt many valuable practical skills under the tutorship of Robert for seven years and exhibited her work in the gallery alongside many leading jewellers.

Since that time Katharine's work has evolved and diversified into more abstract themes. She has a progressive attitude to jewellery design, is always acquiring new skills and enjoys trying new techniques. This channels her focus and ensures that nothing becomes static. Each piece of jewellery is handmade and finished using traditional techniques, these can include hammering, burring, repousse, oxidising and stone setting depending on the design.

'Eclipse' is one of her current jewellery collections. The inspiration came from a desire to capture how reflected light and shade can change a visual concept. Each piece depicts two moods, but one side never eclipses the other - there is a sense of harmony and balance. Her newest collection is 'Blackwave', created to be elegant and dramatic, the type of jewellery designed for a woman who is confident in her style and not afraid to show it and this was the starting point and inspiration. The technique of Repousse has been used to create the 3D quality and texture and the silver is oxidised to create the dramatic colour contrast and pattern.